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Who we are​

A team of Engineers which believes “What can be Measured, can be Managed” .

At Brand Engineerz, we understand the courage it takes to set-up a business and the struggle to sustain it that follows. So, we bring forth such management solution which will create a presence for the home grown Brands.

what we do

At Brand Engineerz, we aim to create market dominance for Indian Brands. A team of Engineers which is dedicated to work for complete Brand Upliftment including online & offline marketing, reputation management, data analytics, manpower standard upliftment and operations optimisation keeping infront the core values & culture of the brand.

Our Services

Management & Execution

With data capabilities of a Business coupled with the cultural analysis of a creative-driven research firm, Brand Engineerz drive valuable insights for effective as well as efficient Management and Execution.

Manpower Upliftment

The building blocks of any Business is the people who serve there. We perform Team-Building and Training Activities for better functioning of the Business. Also our motive is to uplift them in Business Industry.

Data Analytics

Our team of Engineers believes in "What get measured, gets managed". Our analytical and critical thinking with the help of your business data helps us to draw the valuable insights for your Business upliftment.

Website Designing

In terms of representing your Brand in a right manner, Brand Engineerz handles all the social media accounts along with designing your website and managing it.


Our type of marketing includes both traditional and non-traditional methods. But moreover, our prime focus of marketing is to make better connection between People and Brand.

Public Relations

Brand Engineerz team manages all types of Tie-ups of your Business, along with third-party partners. We always take care of your Brand representation, by which your Brand reaches out the right people in a right way.

Creative Designing

Brand Engineerz have one goal – to create content that works. Whether the content is for commercials or for Instagram posts. And today, that can mean a whole lot of things in addition to simply meeting business objectives.

Influencers & Production

Coordinate influencers to create tastefully-branded assets like promotional videos or posters which are produced by our team, that pass equity from their passionate audiences to our clients.

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